Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thanks Dr. Google

When Ollie was less than a day old I started consulting with Dr. Google about various topics. Ollie's first night was pretty rough and it didn't help that I didn't sleep the night before or that day. When he was nursing it sounded like he could barely breath. Like his nose was stuffed up. That was my first consult with Dr. Google. Totally normal for newborns to sound like they have a nosefull of boogers. After Friday night with only 4 hours of sleep we googled food allergies which has lead me to eliminate dairy and peanuts from my diet. Ollie's strong but poorly placed latch had me googling sore nipples. From that search I learned about doing a saline rinse on my nipples after nursing and about using Soothies (soothing gel pads for nipples). When Ollie was 6 days old I finally had a lactation consultant come over and she was amazing. The nipple care I learned from Dr. Google kept my boobies in a better state than if I hadn't known about the rinse and Soothies. Two Sundays ago Ollie had a goopy eye that continued to the next morning. At first Dr. Google thought it might be pink eye, but further research concluded it was a plugged tear duct. Dr. Google advised me to massage the tear duct with my finger, wipe with a warm wet cloth, and put breastmilk in his eye. By Tuesday the goop was gone. Ollie also has this habit of acting as if he is giving birth when it's time to go to sleep at night. That hasn't really stopped with the food elimination so I consulted Dr. Google about what else we can do. We were advised to try Mylicon gas drops for babies. Within 5 minutes he goes from tomato-red-screaming lunatic to zen-calm baby. Dr. Google helps give me piece of mind that Ollie is totally normal. And it's free. And our pediatrician doesn't think I'm crazy. Thanks Dr. Google!

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